Chinese Titanic Won't Hit Iceberg or Sink

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Chinese builders of a full size recreation of the Titanic have promised it won't hit an iceberg or sink, for two rather large reasons. Reason one is that it's to spend its entire life in a dock at a theme park so won't be anywhere near wild icebergs, and reason two is that a plan to fake an iceberg impact for the enjoyment of visitors has been cancelled due to being rather in poor taste.

As well as faking the shuddering blow the idea was to have water flooding the ship, giving paying visitors at the Romandisea theme park that fun day out, going down with the ship feeling.

Public outrage on this side of the pond was high enough this week to get a consultant to the project to speak on the matter, with Titanic expert and author Bruce Beveridge coming out to say he'd encouraged the Chinese to abandon the idea, saying: "It was shelved back in January when they hired me as design supervisor. I told them, 'Do not do this, it's in bad taste.'"

A spokesperson for the British Titanic Society said the Chinese project backers hadn't realised it was such a big thing for us over here, as their cultural knowledge of the Titanic mostly comes from the 1997 film. [The Times]

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