Clothes Shops Out, Vaping Dens In

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats on the state of the UK high street show that it's gradually changing from being all about New Look to instead being where you go to buy vape refills and coffee, with the 5,430 nationwide shop closures of 2016 replaced by 4,534 newer businesses -- a loss of 896 shops across the country.

Numbers collated by the Local Data Company say this increase in lost shops -- up from around 500 in 2015 -- is being fuelled by fashion shops and banks literally giving up on having traditional physical spots in favour of posting everything out from a warehouse and getting people in cheap countries to man helplines, with the shuttered legacy premises being taken over by modern things like vaping shops, coffee shops and fast food sellers.

The study was organised by PwC, which says it thinks there's some "structural changes in customer behaviour" going on out there, and that 2017 is likely to see more traditional brands evacuate the high street as prices rise. [Sky News]

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