TfL's Planning To Extend The Congestion Charge To Weekends, Says LBC

By Holly Brockwell on at

According to LBC, soon the only day you'll be able to drive into central London without paying the Congestion Charge will be Sunday.

At the moment, it's £11.50 a day, applicable between 0700 and 1800, Monday to Friday. LBC claims that TfL's planning to expand that to include Saturdays, and extend the hours – possibly as late as 11pm.

The Congestion Charge was introduced in February 2003 at £5 a day, before rising to £8, £10, and now the current £11.50 (though you can save a pound using Auto Pay.) It applies within the central Congestion Charge zone, bounded by the London Inner Ring Road.

While the article includes a quote from the Mayor's office refuting the story and we can't find anything to back it up, LBC is quoting a source at TfL. Their source says traffic is as high again as it was when the charge was introduced, hence the plans to extend hours and days it covers.

Is it true? Is it a good idea? Is it just a way to rile up radio listeners on a boring Tuesday morning? Let us know your theories in the comments. [LBC]

Main image: mariordo59 via Flickr CC

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