Crisps Are as Bad For You as Everyone Says

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest news about what causes cancer is extremely bad for the UK population, as it's one of our favourite things. There's no way of breaking this to you gently, so let's just say it: It's crisps. Lovely crisps, the essential part of every lunch.

And the expensive ones are the worst according to the Changing Markets Foundation, which says that the burnt and crispy boutique options might be worse for us than the skinny pale ones, as the luxury brands and their complex cooking processes are more likely to lead to higher levels of acrylamide. Yes, the same acrylamide that's previously been linked with putting us off eating roast potatoes and browned toast.

The Changing Markets Foundation looked at 92 potato-based snacks on offer in the UK and found that 16 had acrylamide levels higher than the EU regulation maximum, with 12 of those being well known supermarket brands.

The full report [PDF] outs the worst option as being Tyrrells' posh sweet potato options, which contain two and a half times the EU recommended levels of acrylamide, making this a bad day for whoever mans their Twitter account and puts photos of potatoes on Facebook. [Changing Markets [PDF] via The Times]

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