Cyclist Plans Planet Lap in 80 Days

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hardcore cyclist Mark Beaumont is launching a new attempt on the round-the-world bicycle speed record, hoping to cover the entire 18,000 mile route in just 80 days.

To save you the stress of having to do some maths, that's a staggering 225 miles he'll have to do every single day to hit the limit. Beaumont has some form here, mind, seeing as he did the feat and held the record 10 years ago, when he rounded the planet in 194 days.

That was different, though, as he was just a bloke doing it for a laugh, wild camping and fixing his own punctures. This time he has help, with Beaumont explaining: "This time it is Tour De France-style. I have a support team behind me and it is just about performance. That makes a huge difference."

He'll be doing four four-hour shifts with a half-hour rest in between, which can't leave much time for the sleep that's required to stop a man going mad. He'll be fine, though as he's about to have a practise by going around the entire coastline of Britain, to make sure he can maintain the effort and doesn't run out of puff in Mongolia. [Artemis via BBC]

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