Cyclist Smugness Levels Set to Rocket

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who cycle to work are going to look even more pleased with themselves as they clonk up the stairs in their special shoes tomorrow morning, as analysis of health data covering 250,000 people suggests that commuting via bike nearly halves the risk of heart disease and cancer.

The five-year study conducted by the University of Glasgow found that bike commuters have a 46 per cent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, are 45 per cent less likely to find themselves suffering from cancer than workers who take the car or the train to work instead, and also see a 41 per cent drop in early death from any cause across the board.

Walk-to-work-ers see a small benefit from the exercise too, but Dr Carlos Celis-Morale from the uni explains it's not quite the same: "Walking to work was associated with lower risk of heart disease, but unlike cycling was not associated with a significantly lower risk of cancer or overall death. This may be because walkers commuted shorter distances than cyclists -- typically 6 miles per week, compared with 30 miles per week -- and walking is generally a lower intensity of exercise than cycling."

So stick in more bike lanes, they say. [University of Glasgow via Sky News]

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