Cyclists Need More Showers, Baths, Dryers and Pats on the Back at Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

The cyclist movement that's seeing more folk than ever biking it to work is creating problems in the offices of the country, as sweaty riders turn up for work moist from their efforts, soaked by the rain, and in need of somewhere to hang their £35 high performance angora wool race socks so they're dry in time for the commute back home.

That's according to research by property firm Evans Randall Investors, which says that the average office has just one shower for every 240 employees, as in the olden days when most offices were built no one ever really thought that people might need to have a bloody bath at work.

Bike storage is also becoming a problem, with around 60 per cent of all company storage spaces taken on a daily basis, leaving riders to besmirch the exterior of their buildings by chaining up their bikes or take them into their bit of the office and use the handlebars to hang their shorts on.

It's not on, basically, with offices needing to think about offering secure internal bike storage, more lockers for storing boring old spare work clothes, additional showers and drying rooms, and even start offering facilities where bikes can be repaired on the premises. [Standard]

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