D&G Collaborates With Smeg On World's Ugliest Kitchenware

By Holly Brockwell on at

Despite both individually making beautiful things (...depending on your taste), a collab between fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana and appliance brand Smeg has somehow birthed, well, this.

The 'Sicily Is My Love' collection is the two brands' second joint project, and includes kettles, toasters, juicers, mixers, blenders and coffee machines. According to the press release, they've been:

"...expertly decorated with quintessential Sicilian motifs; gold lemons and citrus fruits, prickly pears and bold, bright cherries. These are framed in traditional triangular Sicilian decorations known as ‘crocchi’.

Each model also boasts a selection of delicate floral designs inspired by the coasts and landscapes of southern Italy and Mount Etna, surrounded by ornamental friezes and decorative leaf motifs."

However, while these designs undoubtedly look gorgeous on the large canvas of Sicilian architecture, they look horribly busy and incongruous shoved on the side of a kettle intertwined with the SMEG logo.

Still, if you'd like a blender that looks like an explosion in a pattern factory, the range will be available before the end of the year for Many Pounds.

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