This Code Might Mean No More Dick Pics On The Internet

By Holly Brockwell on at

You know why we need more LGBT people in tech? Dick Code is why.

Instead of risking pics of your prized pecker leaking onto the internet or being used as revenge porn, Dick Code allows you to quickly and easily mock up an illustration of your wang and send it to the recipient. After you've checked with them that they definitely want it, obviously. Unsolicited dick code is not cool.

Creator Gyorgy Szucs explains:

"You can send [Dick Code] while dating instead of a dick pic. It's way more descriptive and you don't have to worry about your dick ending up on Tumblr.

It is free, anonymous, and nothing gets stored or shared. You'll impress people with details you didn't even know mattered."

To create your Dick Code, you just go through a series of illustrations and select the ones that apply to your manhood. There's not a lot of text, but there are some inspired size comparisons – size is shown not just with measurements, but by comparison to a Coke can.

At the end, you get a unique URL you can send to people that tells them all about your todger.

However, we were kind of hoping that after selecting our dream dick from the multiple choices on offer, we'd get a nice animated gif representing our sausage. No such luck, you just get the same page but with all your options in red. Weirdly, you can select multiple choices if you want to, which we guess is useful for Reddit's DoubleDickDude.

Szucs is also seeking donations to make Sex Code and Vagina Code. Is this the future of sexting? Probably not, but it's nice to see tech trying to reduce the number of dick pics for a change.

Try it yourself here.

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