Diesels are Nice, Say the People Who Make Them

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has done a list feature. No one told them it's OK to do a top 12 or a 17, so they did an old fashioned round 10 list of reasons why diesel cars shouldn't be blamed for all the ills of modern society.

For a start, they say, diesel engines manufactured to the modern Euro 6 standard are cleaner than ever, converting much of the NOx during the burn process way before it pumps out into the face of a child bent over beside the road to pick up a stray football.

Diesels, they say, output less carbon dioxide than petrol cars, so if your main criteria is saving the world it might be a better choice of car. Their other reasons diesels are good seem to be that people like them and are buying lots of them, plus they make the valid point that "life would be much harder" without lorries and say that the central heating of the masses outputs more NOx than vehicles.

"So there," whoever wrote it thought to themselves, triumphantly, before pressing publish. [SMMT]

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