Doing What the Satnav Says is Being Added to the Driving Test

By Gary Cutlack on at

The DVSA is tweaking the format of the driving test to better suit modern times, with the refreshed exam format about to feature a section on following the directions of your in-car GPS navigation machine. The driving instructors of the country are sighing so hard even the back windscreen has steamed up.

The DVSA says the changes are coming in this December, and will include double the amount of independent driving to prove you know what you're doing, the new direction-following satnav part and, learner drivers will be thrilled to learn, no more compulsory "reverse around a corner" sections or the dread three-point turn.

In place of the reversing and turning requirements test subjects might be asked to parallel park, come to a stop on the right-hand side of the road or do a bit of reversing in a straight line, perhaps even popping into the local supermarket to demonstrate getting into a parking spot without going over the lines.

The GPS part will see the examiner provide a satnav, and it won't even matter if you go the wrong way -- the test is all about ensuring your driving's up to scratch while following the instruction. [DVLA]

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