Electric Car Brownouts Coming Soon to a Street Near You

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some people running the maths ahead of the anticipated electric car boom have some bad news for the electrified streets of the near future, claiming that having as few as six EVs charging themselves up at the same time on the same road could trigger localised power shortages.

This comes from the Green Alliance, which says the voltage drop caused by men plugging in their electric cars en masse at 6:25pm could stop appliances working in nearby homes. This would obviously trigger riots, as what else is there to do in the evenings without the calming presence of a smartphone?

The Alliance warns about the current unmanaged state of electric car charging, and says that this, combined with the decentralisation of the grid through local solar, could lead to huge trouble for the large power generators, and might eventually mean some of them need state bailouts akin to the banking crisis of 2008.

Their point is that the grid needs to be better managed and more emphasis should be placed in integrating small-scale generation into the power network. We think. It gets a bit complicated near the end. [Green Alliance [PDF] via The Times]

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