Europe Wants China to Pay for a Moon Base

By Gary Cutlack on at

The European Space Agency is in talks with Chinese space authorities about exciting things they might be able to do together in the future with all that money China has from selling us t-shirts and phones, and top of the list is one of sci-fi's longest running themes -- a permanent base on the moon.

This will let the agencies do all manner of even more exciting things like ferry billionaire app executives on tourist trips to Mars, but first things first. The secretary general of China's space agency is talking to the ESA about perhaps collaborating on getting a moon base established at the moment, with the ESA's Pal Hvistendahl saying: "The Chinese have a very ambitious moon program already in place. We recognise that to explore space for peaceful purposes, we do international cooperation."

Which would be another space embarrassment for the once mighty Americans and good news for Tim Peake, if they can get it built before he retires. [Sky News]

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