Everyone Hates Their Broadband

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey of angry people by angry people surveyor Which? has found that's it's definitely not just you who's fed up with your broadband, as it found that 59 per cent of us -- that'll beĀ 16 million adult internet users -- have had at least one problem with the internet connection over the last year.

And around nine out of ten of those described themselves as being "frustrated" with their service as a result, so it's not just you flinging the mouse at the wall and sighing so hard that the crumbs blow out of your keyboard all night, as speedtest result after speedtest result shows you're not getting the same internet as the happy people in the adverts between the football.

Anyway, all of this is basically an advert for Which?'s new broadband speed checker, which comes with social sharing tools for @-ing your ISP, plus local results from other tests performed nearby so you can spy on nextdoor's speeds. [Which?]

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