Everything We Spotted in the First Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By Tom Pritchard on at

Right at the end of the Last Jedi panel at Star Wars Celebration, director Rian Johnson showed us the very first footage of the film. Finally, finally, we get to see the film's trailer.

And here's the first proper poster featuring Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and Rey:

It looks incredible, doesn't it? And now we have it, it's time to get down to business and dissect every last little frame. Here's everything we spotted:

The very first shot was made to look as though it would start in space, before fading out to reveal a rocky surface.

And here we have the shock entrance featuring Rey's hand, somewhat similar to how Finn popped up out of nowhere in the first trailer for The Force Awakens.

And here we see Rey. Clearly her Jedi training is taking it out of her.

Here we have the watery planet of Ach-To, deep in uncharted space and home to the very first Jedi temple. Presumably this was where the Jedi Order was first founded, thousands of years in the past.

Another shot of the lovely Irish countryside, which stands in for Ach-To's ruins.

And here we have another shot of Rey standing on a cliff edge, looking out at the watery world's turbulent seas.

This shot feels reminiscent of Luke training on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back, though obviously done with much nicer special effects. This sequence also has Luke calmly talking Rey through some sort of training, then asking what she sees. Teaching her to hone her Jedi powers, and reach out through the Force like many Jedi have been seen doing in the past.

"Light" is how Rey describes this shot.

This looks an awful lot like a resistance base, which a bunch of new characters. The woman in the forefront is presumably Princess/General Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher

Listen carefully in this scene, because there's someone saying something in the background. It's definitely a female voice, and it sounds like someone saying "help me Obi Wan". Which makes some sense given Leia's presence in the scene.


This is Kylo Ren's helmet, which seemingly survived the destruction of Starkiller Base in the original. Assuming he doesn't have more than one that is. It's been smashed to pieces, which could indicate some changes to the character. Possibly him further committing himself whole-heartedly to the Dark Side (negating the need for the helmet).

It could be him rejecting his Dark Side heritage, though that seems unlikely. Not just because of Rey's voice over, but also because in the background you can hear the very, very faint voice of Alec Guinness saying "seduced by the Dark Side." There's also the infamous rasp of Darth Vader's respirator that nobody could miss.

"The balance"

Now that voiceover is interesting, since someone pointed out to me that the design feels reminiscent of the Bendu from Rebels. Obviously it looks more like a tree root, but can it be a coincidence? The talk of balance is also a recurring theme in the Prequel trilogy, and it's been implied for a very long time that Luke is the chosen one responsible for balancing the light and dark side of the force. This was recently confirmed by Obi Wan to a dying Darth Maul in Rebels. It's clear, however, that this spot is an area of some significance.

You can also hear Yoda in the background. The second section of what he says isn't clear, but you can hear him say "train you, I will."

Han stated that Luke had gone searching for the first Jedi temple after the fall of his academy, and given the age of this book (adorned with the symbol of the order) it looks like he found it on Ahch-To. It's been suggested that this could be the Journal of the Whills (related to Rogue One's Guardians of the Whills), though it could easily be the Jedi Order's equivalent of a founding charter. We won't know for sure until the film comes out.

Here we see Rey training with her lightsaber on Ach-To, with Luke watching from a distance.

This is an interesting shot, and given the distinct shape of the AT-ATs in the background, it looks like this is a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. It also seems reminiscent of Hoth from Empire, so my guess is that this planet is where the Resistance relocated to after their last base of operations was discovered and nearly destroyed by Starkiller Base's primary weapon.

Those ships also look distinctly new, and why they appear similar to the B-Wings from behind, it's obvious from this shot that they are not. It also looks like they don't have full flight capability.

Our only shot of John Boyega's Finn, clearly in some sort of medical rehabilitation pod. Boyega himself confirmed that Finn would still be receiving treatment following his disastrous duel with Kylo Ren at the end of the last film.

And here is Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and everybody's favourite new droid BB-8. They're in a hurry, and this shot implies that the Resistance Base they're in is under attack.

This shot confirms it, and that explosion seems ready to engulf Poe's distinct orange X-Wing. This is the second time that has happened in the films. You'd think someone would stop trusting him with them.

An aerial battle over an unnamed planet, presumably the one we saw with the AT-ATs, and this is clearly a First Order TIE Fighter blowing into smithereens.

The whole sequence seems to indicate that the Falcon is responsible, though it's not clear who's piloting it. Probably Chewbacca, who must have left Rey on Ach-To with Luke.

It's not shown where this is, but it doesn't seem to be part of Rey's training. it looks like she's heading into battle.

And this could be the reason why. Though that fiery background indicates that these two shots are not from the same part of the film.

This looks like a flashback similar to the one from the first film, showing us the fall of Luke's Jedi academy at the hands of the Knights of Ren. The event has been hinted at in the expanded universe books, but this would be the first time we've seen it in full.

While it was made to look as though Phasma and her stormtroopers were present when Luke's academy fell, looking towards the left-hand side of the frame shows that they probably weren't. That looks a bit like a corridor or an entrance way, possibly at the same place we saw Kylo Ren earlier in the trailer. Either way, Phamsa's actually going to do something useful in this film.

A space battle over an unnamed planet, complete with X-Wings and a brand new ship. They remind me of the Mon Calamari battle cruisers from Rogue One and RotJ, but since you can clearly see the R2 units in the back, they probably only man one or two people.

The final shot of the film, ending a voiceover from Luke: "I only know one truth. It's time for the Jedi to end."

Which is a bit of a shock, given everything Luke has gone through, though it does explain the film's title. Rumours have claimed that while on Ach-To, Luke discovered that the Jedi weren't what everyone had claimed they were. At least not at the very beginning of their history. Other rumours have suggested that Luke had discovered a way to channel both the light and dark sides without succumbing to either, similar to what the Bendu claims to be able to do in Rebels.

Whatever the reason for Luke's declaration, it's obvious that The Last Jedi is going to have lasting consequences on the Star Wars universe. December can't come soon enough.

Many thanks to my friend Cameron for helping me dissect everything.

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