Everything We Spotted in the Thor Ragnarok Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this afternoon, Marvel saw it fit to release the very first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. It looks incredible, and I have already climbed onboard the hype train as a result. But, sadly, there is an awful lot of information to digest. Unlike some Marvel films it hasn't gone big on the spoilerific plot points just yet, so we have to guess. Here are all the small details I spotted in the trailer, and what I think they mean.

As you can see here, Thor is clearly in trouble. Where he is imprisoned isn't quite clear, though given the state of his hair it's obviously towards the start of the film. This looks like it could be Musphelheim, one of the nine realms and home to the fire demons. It could also, potentially, be some sort of Sakaaran dungeon.

Our first look at Hela, Norse goddess of the dead, who has supposedly been imprisoned for one hela of a long time. How she got out isn't clear, but it's obvious she's out for revenge against Asgard. This shot evokes memories of The Winter Soldier's first trailer, when we saw Bucky catch Cap's shield in midair. Sadly things worked out a bit better in that film.

Mjolnir just got crushed, and disintegrated in a burst of electrical energy. That energy is supposed to be sentient (trapped inside the hammer by Odin centuries before in the mainstream comics lore), so what happens to it now is anyone's guess. Who knows what Thor will be wielding by the time Infinity War comes around.

Just in case you didn't believe it, Mjolnir is, in fact, no more.

This is Hela in full battle regalia, and given the general appearance of this scene (and some stuff that appears later) I have a feeling this is a pre-imprisonment flashback.

Hela arriving on Asgard, only to be met by its combined army. They don't stand a chance against her, given how they completely failed to stop the poncy Elves invading in the last film.

See, Asgard is burning. Good going, guards, you're about as useful as a pig farmer in Saudi Arabia.

More burning. This is some serious shit.

Thor appears to be on Asgard during this whole scene, which is probably towards the start of the film. You can tell because he still has long hair.

Thor falling from the sky, towards the planet Sakaar. Note the portals in the sky. I assume that whatever took out Asgard failed to kill Thor, and sent him through a portal onto the world below. It also has me wondering if this is similar to what happened to Loki at the end of the first Thor film.

In the comics Sakaar was home to a cosmic portal that would frequently drop aliens and technology on the planet. It seems the film version takes that idea to an extreme, with multiple portals seemingly turning the film into some sort of cosmic dumping ground.

Some of the many alien races. In the comics Sakaar was home to four dominant races, two of which were humanoid, and third insectoid race. Plenty more aliens ended up calling the planet home after falling through the wormhole, though most of them ended up fighting as gladiators. Note that we don't see any of the Sakaaran soldiers that originally appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.

And here we see Thor getting captured by some white alien with a big electric net. Perhaps a bounty hunter, or something similar.

And here we have Thor being incapacitated in said net. It's got to be pretty powerful to take down a thunder god.

This is our first look at Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson) who can see seen dragging someone (presumably Thor) away.

Remember that bit I said was probably a flashback earlier? This is another scene that looks as though it matches up, based on the effects and contrast of what we see. Those warriors on winged horses? Those are the Valkyries, and in Norse mythology they were tasked with taking the honourable dead to Valhalla. In the comics here are nine of them, led by Brunnhilda. It's not clear which one Tessa Thompson portrays.

Another shot of Hela in battle garb, similar to the one at the start of the film. This is definitely a battle, presumably the Valkyries are attempting to stop some sort of dastardly plot.

Clearly the Valkyries weren't so successful in their endeavours, and it looks like this one might be Tessa Thompson. It's not totally clear, but it would be logical.

Another shot of her on Sakaar, in what I assume is the underbelly of the Colosseum (more on that later).

Jeff Goldblum here playing Jeff Goldblum The Grandmaster, one of the immortal elders of the universe. Fun fact, we've seen one of their ranks before in the form of Benicio Del Toro's Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Valkyrie is clearly working for him. Though she does look a little bit conflicted about it. My guess would be that she fled the battle with Hela, due to survivors guilt or shame of what happened, and ended up on Sakaar.

This is Idris Elba's Heimdall, fighting an unknown enemy in an unknown location. While the Sakaar we see in the rest of the trailer looks pretty barren, the comics version of the planet is rather georaphically diverse. It's not completely out of the question that Heimdall survived the fall of Asgard and also wound up on Sakaar. The enemy he is fighting is also the closest thing the trailer has to the Sakaaran soldiers from GotG. Given the insectoid traits those characters had, I would guess that they are the cinematic version of the insectoid natives seen in the comics.

A closer look, with Heimdall looking pretty ragged. He's clearly been on the run for a while, wherever he may be.

And now our first look at Karl Urban as Skurge, the Executioner. He's normally associated with The Enchantress (aka Amora) so it'll be interesting to see what he does here. Given that he's firing what appears to be a human MP4, I'm going to guess that he is also on Sakaar as a gladiator.

This shot was edited to make it look as though these guards are fighting Skurge, though that could be marketing trickery given how fast things are moving. Regardless, it gives us a good look at the Grandmaster's own soldiers.

Back to Asgard, with Hela taking on the guards with the helmet we saw during the flashback sequences.

Here we have Loki, with at least one alien by his side. We don't know much about his role in the film, other than the fact he accompanies Thor to Earth at some point to seek out the exiled Odin, and that he winds up on Sakaar as well. This shot could be Hela's attack on Asgard, or it could be much later on in the film post-Sakaar. Whatever the reason, that's distinctly Asgardian-looking architecture around him.

Our first look at the Sakaaran Colosseum, with some very big crowds. Green smoke probably has something to do with the Hulk. Pre-release information indicated that he is the most popular fighter in the Colosseum.

And here we have Thor in his Gladiator gear, complete with war paint and a new haircut. We've seen this in plenty of promo material before, however.

And finally we get to see him go into battle with (a version of) his classic helmet. We last saw a more faithful helmet during the opening of the first film, but it hasn't been seen since.

Getting ready for battle, giving us a good look at his new post-Mjolnir gear. Nothing all that special, but it looks cool!

And here's our first shot of the Hulk. Doing what Hulk does best.

A better look at him and the Planet Hulk-inspired gladitorial gear we first saw a glimpse of at last year's San Diego Comic Con.

Thor is obviously very happy to see his friend.

Nobody really expected Thor to react that way, except perhaps Loki who remains transfixed on the fight and basically unfazed. The Grandmaster isn't too pleased either. It's not exactly clear how Loki ended up in the Grandmaster's suite rather than fighting as a gladiator, though I would assume he arrived on Sakaar in much the same way as Thor, before managing to smooth talk his way up to the big boss. He is known for having a silver tongue, after all.

This shot is bound one of many filled with easter eggs in the final film. That red guy looks an awful lot like a Celestial, albeit about a billion times smaller than the ones from the comics and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Just look at how glorious Hulk looks in this film. Effects have come a long way since Age of Ultron. You can almost see his pores filling up in real time.

Friend or not, Hulk and Thor have never really had the most stableof relationships. Now Hulk is clearly ready to obliterate another puny god.

You know the line. Hulk, SMASH.

And this moneyshot is where the trailer ends.  It looks like it's going to be one hell of a fight too. Expect to see more of it in future trailers, and something that could give the Hulkbuster sequence a run for its money.

Thor: Ragnarok will be in UK cinemas on 27th October.

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