Flat Owners Try to Block Tate Modern's Viewing Platform

By Gary Cutlack on at

Five people living in the Neo Bankside development in London are taking the Tate Modern gallery to court, in an attempt to stop tourists and locals hanging around on the viewing platform and gawping in through the large glass windows of their modern flats.

The residents say that the Tate Modern's Switch House extension that opened last year shouldn't really be letting people stand on a platform right opposite their living room windows, as it's a bit of an invasion of privacy and what if there were children inside being all looked at?

The complaint says the platform is "...unreasonably interfering with the claimants enjoyment of their flats" in providing somewhere for people to enjoy the view, and also complains that some gallery visitors look upon the through binoculars as if, ironically, they were exhibits themselves. Perhaps they are. Perhaps we all are.

The Neo Bankside residents are asking the Tate managers to restrict access to some parts of the viewing platform so the view of them sitting on the sofa eating crisps and crying onto the laminate flooring is harder to attain. [Guardian]

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