Forget Podcasts - Now You Can Make Your Own DAB Radio Show

By James O Malley on at

Ever wanted to host your own radio show? Like, on the proper radio? Well, now could be your chance thanks to a new, experimental DAB radio station called Upload Radio.

The premise is pretty simple: You make your show and upload it, and it'll then play out at a chosen time on DAB in either Gloucestershire, Surrey or Liverpool (there are three regional variants) - as well as be available on the Upload Radio website and industry-wide Radio Player for catch-up for a month after.

Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you see it) there is moderation involved, so you will have to make your show compliant with the Ofcom broadcasting code. But that code doesn't say anything about not dedicating your hour to settling scores with people you've argued with on the internet.

And the best part? At the moment each timeslot is only £20. You can find out more on the Upload Radio website.