Garden Bridge Should Be Uprooted, Says Brutal New Report

By Holly Brockwell on at

The PR disaster that is London's Garden Bridge has hit the headlines again today after Dame Margaret Hodge's newly-released report stated it should be cancelled outright.

Dame Hodge was asked to investigate by Mayor Sadiq Khan back in September:

Khan has repeatedly said he doesn't believe the bridge represents good value for money for Londoners, and that he'd rather spend it on the West End.

It seems the review agrees that the bridge represents poor value, even given the money already spent. The Hodge review states that:

"It would be better for the taxpayer to accept the financial loss of cancelling the project than to risk the potential uncertain additional costs to the public purse if the project proceeds.

In the present climate, with continuing pressures on public spending, it is difficult to justify further public investment in the Garden Bridge."

The report also found that the initial estimate of £60m for the bridge has now more than doubled to over £200m, and it's still going. Three months ago, the project's accounts showed a shortfall in funding of more than £70m.

Still, at least old BoJo still has Boris Bikes as his legacy. That and the Brexit Bus. [BBC]