Google's New Tool Means You, Too, Can Draw

By Holly Brockwell on at

Being creative requires two big elements: idea and execution. It's immensely frustrating being the kind of person who has great ideas but can't make them happen, especially if you don't have an orchestra of talented minions to conduct like Steve Jobs.

Google gets that, and their latest AI project – called AutoDraw – is here to help. It's a web tool with a library of art and a machine learning database, which combine to help you make what you're trying to make quickly and without faff. Which means you can use it to create posters, cards, or just mess about, without downloading anything or paying for stuff.

It seems a bit daft to have to draw what you want first, rather than just picking from the menu of artwork – but I guess that makes you feel like you contributed. You can doodle freehand as well, without converting it into art – handy if you want to do Snapchat-style squiggles on top of your creation.

Autodraw is available now, which means you won't be getting any work done for the rest of the day. Ah well.

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