Google Home and Google WiFi Go On Sale Today

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've been eagerly awaiting the UK launch of Google Home – and fancypants mesh router Google WiFi – in the UK, today is the day you can finally get your hands on one.

Priced at £129, the slick-looking Google Home speaker unit will be available directly from Google, as well as at Argos, Dixons, Maplin, John Lewis and EE. It's also customisable, unlike its more expensive rival Amazon Echo, with coloured fabric bases costing £18 and metal costing £36. While it's probably not a dealbreaker for most people, making the speaker fit in with home decor from day 1 is a smart move.

Google WiFi also costs £129, or you can get a two-pack for £229 if you need more than one.

GiFi – as we're calling it – is available directly from Google, and also at Dixons, Argos, Maplin, John Lewis and Amazon. Notice which of those retailers isn't also carrying Google Home? Competition is good, Amazon.

If you don't know why you need a mesh network, there's an explainer here. But realistically, you want it 'cause it's pretty and good and Google-y. Or that's our excuse, anyway.

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