Government Publishes £1.2bn Bike Riding Spending Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

A government initiative to get more people than ever riding bikes and walking to near-ish places by the year 2040 has been fleshed out, with a breakdown of the headline £1.2bn budget revealing how and where the money's going to be spent.

The main bit of feel-good-about-the-future news is the spending on cycling proficiency schemes for schoolchildren, which is to benefit from an injection of £50m. And to ensure there are more bits of road they can ride along without getting mangled under the wheels of delivery vans, £101 million is being set aside to further expand cycling infrastructure and enhance urban cycle routes.

£5 million is going on improving cycle storage facilities at train stations, there's £80m for training, safety and maintenance awareness, with the rest of the money, over £800m of it, being handed to local councils to spend on both cycling and walking schemes. [GOV]

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