There's A Hedgehog Village In The UK And Can We All Live There Please

By Gizmodo UK on at

Did you know that hedgehog villages exist?

Before you get too excited, it's not like a model village filled with the spiky friends. It's a regular human people village that tries to be friendly to hedgehogs.

There used to be 30 million hedgehogs in Britain in the 1950s, says the BBC in their hedgehog report, but now they number less than a million. They talk to Veronica Tett, from Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital (this is too cute) about how they make Burton Fleming in East Yorkshire a welcoming place for the 'hogs.

"Slug pellets, strimmers, bonfires," she says, calling out hedgey dangers. "They have a tough time."

Part of the initiative behind being a "hedgehog village" is to create ways for the hedgehogs to get through gardens safely and easily, like hedge-holes. Hedge-holes for hedgehogs. They've also adopted a further 52 hedgehogs from a nearby sanctuary to boost the population, painting them to show whether they're male or female before letting them out to snuffle around the wild.