Highest Phone Box Survives BT's Latest Cull

By Gary Cutlack on at

The highest BT phone box in the UK is to survive for a few more years at least, as the phone network operator has scaled back its plans for a cull of public call boxes.

BT originally announced a plan to axe and remove nearly 1,500 phone boxes in Scotland over the course of the next few years, in a drive to save money. That's been reduced to just 900 now, as local councils and various other pressure groups complained that some boxes are located in mobile phone coverage gaps and are therefore considered lifelines to locals and stranded motorists.

BT, though, says 700 of its Scottish phone boxes haven't been used to place a single call in one entire year, so there's clearly room to have a few more binned. 947 kiosks are to be scrapped in this latest drive, leaving 3,840 in place across Scotland, including the picturesque one 2,000 feet up the Cairngorms and all of the 46 boxes in Argyll and Bute. [BBC]

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