Jet-Powered Hearse Could Top 200mph, Says Maker

By Gary Cutlack on at

Speed and engineering enthusiast Matt Mckeown has a new project on the go. He's modifying a 1992 Ford hearse by sticking a jet engine in it, because he has a spare jet engine or two kicking about in the garage and why on earth not?

Matt says that the ambition for the car he's named Dead Quick is to break the current land speed record for a hearse -- which stands at a pathetic 115mph -- and expects his jet-powered model to get nearer to 200mph once the mechanical bits have been suitable strengthened to handle the load.

He'll be taking it out for the first time at a future Prescott Hill Climb event in Cheltenham, and he told the BBC: "A hearse makes a perfect shape for a land speed vehicle it's aerodynamic, long, thin, steady with a wedge back end. Dead Quick's good for 200mph but this is a work in progress. We've got another more powerful engine we can put in but we're going to engineer all the suspension and brakes first and then we'll go for more power." [BBC]

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