Kids are Parroting Fake News in Their Schoolwork

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fake news, or bollocks made-up stuff to give it its proper title -- has become so entrenched in society that the children are inserting nonsense learned off the internet into their schoolwork.

This comes via a survey conducted by the NASUWT teaching union, which found that 35 per cent of the 1,500 or so teachers it asked had seen some sort of fake, wrong or fictional news or facts added into a child's work. A teacher quoted alongside the data explained: "It is common for research tasks to be completed by copying from the first website Google offers without any effort to compare with other sources or verify information."

While this might seem like ideal training for a future career as a technology blogger, it's breeding a worrying trust in the internet as the only source of truth. Another teacher said they found it impossible to convince pupils that something they'd seen on Facebook wasn't true, as, when it comes down to it, surely the word of a massive organisation like Facebook ought to be worth more than the say-so of one stressed man or woman reading out of a book from the 1970s?

NASUWT's Chris Keats said: "This demonstrates the great power that companies such as Facebook and Google now have in shaping public opinion, particularly among young people who have never known a world without internet and who are less equipped to analyse the information they see presented to them online and assess its plausibility." [NASUWT via Mirror]

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