Someone's Way Over-Engineered The Paperclip

By Holly Brockwell on at

You know those inventions you see on Dragons' Den, where someone thinks they've changed the world by massively over-engineering something that worked fine as it was?

Presenting Klamt, "the best of the staple and the paperclip in a single device."

This thing is begging for an infomercial. Its creator, Innoverce Engineering, claims the normal paperclip is "well-known for its ability to spring off documents easily, end up in shredders or the bin and for finding uses other than for holding paper together."

Um, really? I don't think I've ever seen a paperclip "spring off" a document. And having other uses isn't a bad thing, is it? What would bored office workers use to scratch their ears without paperclips? (*shudder*)

Nonetheless, after ten years of development, Cambridge engineer and entrepreneur Julian Peck has made a new one. He says:

"We were going to call it the StapleClip, but Klamt is snappier and it says what it does."

(We're guessing because 'Klamt' sounds kind of like 'clamped')

"Like everything else these days, it has push-button operation – press at the front to snap it securely onto any document, press firmly in the middle and it springs open to release the pages.

Initial feedback is that users love the precise sound and feel of the Klamt – it’s reassuringly positive, and you know it’s something you can rely on."

(These people need therapy if they're looking to paper fastenings for "something you can rely on")

"It may have taken 150 years to get from [Samuel B] Fay’s bent bit of wire to Peck’s high-tech stainless steel Klamt, but finally now there is a secure, reliable, professional paperclip that won’t ping off or snag and pick up other documents.”

(Again... never had these problems).

On the bright side, it does look kinda like Shy Guy.

Klamt will be released (har har) on the 23rd of April, the 150th anniversary of the paperclip patent. We dread to think how much money's been spent on this, but a pack of 20 Klamts will cost you £2.19. By comparison, for just 80p more you can get a thousand large paperclips from Ryman. But, y'know, they might spring off. Or something.

All images: Innoverce Engineering

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