This Trackable, Wireless Charging Backpack Is The Techy Bag We've Always Wanted

By Holly Brockwell on at

Techy fashion brand Knomo's new backpack design is proving popular on Kickstarter, raising all of its £50k target with nearly a month still to go.

The #LiveFree backpack is pricey – it'll be £270 at retail, but starts from £222 on Kickstarter depending on how quick you are – but you can see why. It's basically a gadget addict's perfect bag.

First off, it's water-repellent, made from weatherproof waxed cotton canvas – aka the stuff they used to make ship sails out of. It includes "the world's loudest Bluetooth tracker" so you can find it easily, has a drop-in wireless charging pocket, an RFID-blocking pocket, and SO MANY COMPARTMENTS.

Mmm. Compartments. They include a 15.6" foam-padded laptop section, a tablet or Kindle pocket, a side section for attaching keys and holding a 500ml water bottle, cable straps and mesh zipped pockets for headphones and leads. Plus of course the DropGo wireless charging pocket (which uses the Qi standard, and has guide rails to make sure your phone charges properly) and the RFID-blocking section for bank cards, passports and so on.

There's a cheaper version of the backpack available without the charging pocket, so if you don't have a wireless charging phone or can't be doing with Qi cases, you can get just the Chipolo Bluetooth tracking backpack for £189 (until that perk sells out, obvs).

It pleases our aching shoulders to hear that #LiveFree has also been designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. The backpack has foam-padded straps, quick-release buckles, a (vegetable) leather grab handle and an airflow back panel. The whole thing measures 41 x 33 x 21cm, weighs 1.36kg and holds 19.5 litres.

Tim Fitzgerald, Lead Designer at Knomo – which was founded in London – explains:

"We wanted to design the most versatile backpack ever; something that you could just as easily take to work or away on the weekend. We spent 12 months getting the design perfect, customising, testing and refining all aspects including bespoke pullers, custom closures and unique design accents, ensuring every detail is functional and sleek."

But there's no getting away from the fact that over £200 is a lot to pay for a backpack, even a super-cool techy one. Still, if you haven't spent your tax refund yet, you've got until the 7th of May to back it on Kickstarter.

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