Sometimes You Can't Get The Tube Because Of Burnt Toast

By Holly Brockwell on at

Everyone hates when tube stations have to close, but usually we understand if it's something serious like a security alert or an injury. Sometimes, however, the reason we're kicked out of the tube is that someone's burnt their breakfast.

London Assembly member Tony Devenish sent a Freedom of Information request to find out all the non-emergency reasons tube stations in three boroughs were closed, which the Evening Standard reports affected stations in those areas for more than 200 days in the last three years.

While the biggest reasons for non-security-related closures were strikes and staff shortages, burnt toast caused three of them, including mega-busy Oxford Circus and Victoria stations. This means hundreds of people were inconvenienced because someone can't work the dial on a toaster.

Similarly, Edgware Road was shut because a staff member was vaping in the mess room and set off the alarm. It's fair enough that stations would be closed while fire alarms are blaring, especially when it's not yet clear what set them off – but that doesn't make it any less galling to find out that you missed your 9am meeting because someone fancied a vape at work. [Evening Standard]

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