London Mayor Subsidises Featureless Box Homes

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor has come up with a great idea to make housing in London more affordable -- build worse houses. Literally make something resembling a shipping container then put people in it to cry alone while living the dream that is owning a home in thrilling London, is the idea.

The concept of these so-called "naked houses" is that they're so basic inside they're significantly cheaper to build and finish so they might retail for 40 per cent less than the equivalent-sized proper homes, which is great news for any overseas property investors looking to buy up a portfolio off-plan in London.

The catch being they don't have internal walls or even a proper kitchen beyond a simple sink, so if you're happy to live in a featureless cube ordering takeaways for dinner every day in exchange for being able to tell your old school friends that you're having a great time living in a flat all by yourself in London, it should be a cheaper way into owning a small, fairly rubbish, bit of housing.

22 of these Dogme 95 apartments are going to be built as a tester for the scheme on three sites in Enfield, backed by a grant of £500,000 of public money. [Guardian]

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