£900/m London 'Studio Flat' Is Literally Just A Hallway

By Holly Brockwell on at

Every time we think renting can't get any worse, London goes and proves us wrong.

The latest depressing development is a "studio flat" posted on the OpenRent website for £900 a month. It's in a very handy location in Clapham, granted, but it appears to be someone's hall.

Spotted by Redditor MarmiteSoldier, the "flat" includes:

  • A fridge on top of a washing machine so your beer can get warm and fizzy during the spin cycle
  • Some kind of heinous attic bed thing above a futon that doesn't appear to have enough space to fold out
  • A shower in a tiled corner with nothing between the water and all your stuff – presumably the landlord will refer to this as a "wet room" during the viewing
  • No sign of a toilet, which is presumably shared with the other people renting individual sections of a former house for ££££ – or maybe you just pee in the world's smallest sink there
  • A fireplace, which is hopefully ornamental because there's definitely not enough ventilation for that
  • A general sense of despair

You're allowed up to three tenants, although we'd recommend two were newborn babies because otherwise you won't be able to close the door.

On the bright side, pets and smokers are allowed, although bills are not included, so you're looking at over a grand a month to live in A LITERAL CORRIDOR.

Oh London. Never please change.

All images: OpenRent

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