Manchester Crucifixion Cancelled

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bizarre crowdfunding appeal that offered one lucky backer a "full crucifixion experience" has been cancelled, due to obvious reasons to do with a few people still believing in god and lots of other people still having a modicum of taste.

The fake public execution was to have been put on by the producers of the Manchester Passion Play, a play about Jesus and all that stuff that old people like to see at Easter. Their cracking idea to help fund the production was to offer a top-tier crowdfunding reward of a realistic crucifixion experience to the first person to pledge £750, which would've seen someone trussed up and fake killed for a good cause.

Volunteer and trustee of the organising group Alexander Stewart-Clark explained how costs and things accidentally got a bit out of hand, saying: "Instead of being a £20,000 play it became a £55,000 play and the burden on raising money then falls on us. We were trying to think up some ideas, just bouncing around what would be good, and someone came up with the idea of letting people be crucified for £750."

There are some proper religious bods on the trustee committee, and they weren't best pleased when the idea of hoisting someone up a wooden cross and pretending to hammer nails into them was revealed. Hence any future crucifixions will have to be done in secret. [Guardian]

Image credit: Manchester Passion

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