McDonald's Will Test Home Deliveries This Summer

By Gary Cutlack on at

McDonald's, the Burger chain that would prefer to be called a restaurant, is preparing to jump on the home delivery bandwagon (or bike) this summer, with its UK boss saying he's in the process of issuing the orders to get a Big Mac through the letterbox system up and running.

The company's UK chief executive Paul Pomroy mentioned this in an interview with Sky News, when he said: "What's obvious to us now is that customers now would like McDonald's to look at delivery. The market's growing -- I've been looking at that market for 18 months now -- customers are starting to ask us when McDonald's are doing delivery."

A small test in June is what's currently planned to start with, as he doesn't want to go accidentally disrupting his own business by suddenly making 1,300 physical branches and their millions of chairs and tables obsolete overnight. [Sky News]

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