MG's E-Motion is Cheap, Electric and Coming in 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

MG is finally returning to its sporty little car roots with this, the E-Motion; an all-electric modern day homage to its two-seaters of old, but slightly bigger and with room in the back. And it should cost less than £30k, too, which is quite cheap in middle-aged-man new car world.

The MG E-Motion in this concept physical form was shown off at this week's 2017 Shanghai motor show, with execs confirming that reaction has been so positive it's only going to give the order to mass produce the thing and sell it on a lease to your dad.

The specs are decent for a small car too, with MG saying it should do the 0-60 mark in around four seconds, plus the batteries it's whacking in ought to be good for around 300 miles on a charge -- which is about as good as electric cars get today. Plus it's substantially more exciting than the boring GS SUV and MG3 models the company sells in the UK under the famed badge today. [Autocar]

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