Selfridges Convinced A Load Of Millennials To Peel Their Potatoes For Free

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've been wondering how to get someone to do all your housework for nothing, it turns out the answer is to set up a workshop for millennials to "relax and reconnect."

At least, that's the approach Selfridges has taken with its new 'Our House' workshops, in conjunction with The New Craftsmen – and it seems twentysomethings are mega-keen to snap up "complimentary tickets" to do someone else's chores.

"I’ve just lost sense of all time," 26-year old Andy Stanford – who inevitably works in social media – commented. "I’ve really enjoyed it and forgotten about checking my emails – because I can’t." Indeed, potatoes don't yet have WiFi (but we're sure someone in the IoT space is working on it).

Participants apparently get to choose from three types of potato and three different kinds of peeler, which is very kind considering they're literally peeling someone else's potatoes for nothing. Other upcoming lessons include tying herb bundles, grinding spices and making teabags.

The Guardian reports:

"It all takes place in a semi-darkened “conceptual farmhouse” in the shop’s basement. Participants gain admission by ringing a cow bell, and have to remove their shoes and put away their mobile phones. Those feeling a tad tired can lie down and have a nap on a straw bed."

However, in case you were despairing that this is all ridiculous beyond parody, worry not: those peeling potatoes will also be able to shop from the New Craftsmen's range of artisan craft products in their newly relaxed state. The Mayfair shop's products include a £6,000 mirror and a side table that looks like it fell off a cliff, a steal at just £4,900.

You can book tickets here, if they haven't all gone to Nathan Barley characters yet.

Main image: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr CC

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