Mystery Moneybags Clears Out Two Charity Shops On The Same Street

By James O Malley on at

Two London charity shops appeared to have been cleaned out this week by a mystery shopper - who walked in and bought everything on the shelves.

Both the Shelter and Children's Air Ambulance shops in Crouch End, North London were apparently the lucky recipients of this bizarre act of generosity.

According to Children's Air Ambulance, the mystery customer spent £500 with the store and though we haven't yet been able to confirm it, one claim on Facebook suggests that she spent £1116 exactly in the Shelter shop and paid by card.

"It had started as quite a slow day, so I was beginning to get worried!", says Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, "I couldn’t believe it when the customer started to buy out the departments. She bought almost all of our men’s stock and most of our ladies too."

According to claims on Facebook, the shopper was a Brazilian "business woman", though again, we've so far been unable to stand this up. We were, however, able to confirm that the other charity shops in the area were not so lucky, and it was only these two shops that were cleaned out.

"She didn't [even] look at price tags", claims one Facebook user, who appears to have witnessed the shopping spree in Shelter - who also suggested that she was buying everything as gifts for her staff. "Next thing everything was loaded at the till piled up on tables it was incredible to watch".

Shelter is, of course, the national charity that campaigns against homelessness - and Children's Air Ambulance operates helicopter transfers for critically ill children. Apparently transfers cost £2800 a time - and the charity receives no funding from government to do it.

A spokesperson for the Children's Air Ambulance told us that “All the money we raise makes a real difference to children across the country. Thanks to this shopping spree, we will be able to continue our mission to keep hope alive for every child who needs us.”

It's certainly a strange act of generosity. Children's Air Ambulance are now urging the mystery customer to get in touch so they can thank her.

If you know anything about this, do let us know - as now we're really curious as to why she did it.

Update (12:48): Shelter has got in touch and has now been able to confirm some more details! If was indeed a Brazillian woman - though she only spent £1200 (see update), not the £6000 that Facebook users had claimed. Still - that's a lot to spend in a charity shop! Apparently the goods were for her mother.

Update (13:30): Shelter has got back in touch again as the details it provided last time weren't quite accurate. It turns out that she spent £1116 exactly - not £1200, and paid by card, not cash. Who knew an intriguing local story could be so fast-moving?

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