New Reversible Male Contraceptive Has Just the One Massive Flaw

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists are preparing a new form of male contraceptive, which is nice, and it's reversible, which is also nice. The only problem being that it involves an injection right into the testicles. It's going to be hard to write about this in a gender neutral manner.

The invention has been given the name Vasalgel, and it works by temporarily blocking the vas deferens tube, or the little pipe that connects his or her testicles to his or her penis. Well actually it's a permanent block once the man has been suitably restrained and injected, but the process can be reversed by another injection, with humble baking soda used to dissolve the gel and restore sperm trafficking.

Dr Donald Waller has been testing it by torturing the balls of rabbits, and has successfully reversed the procedure after 14 months, saying: "The results of the Vasalgel reversibility study in rabbits indicate the implant could be removed resulting in the quick return of sperm flow. We were pleased that the number of sperm and their motility after reversal were no different from baseline measures." []

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