Peta Berates Nintendo For "Taking All The Cruelty Out Of Milking"

By Holly Brockwell on at

Nintendo recently got a letter from a farm, asking if they'd be willing to come and try milking a cow for real, since they'd "taken all the challenge out of it" in their daft milking game for 1-2-Switch:

Image: Billings Farm

Nintendo accepted, and went to milk a cow on the 29th of March. But that wasn't the end of the story.

Never ones to miss an opportunity for some PR, animal charity Peta decided to write Nintendo a letter of their own, admonishing the company for "taking all the cruelty" out of milking:

Here's Peta's suggestion for the game:

"To simulate cow milking accurately, 1-2-Switch would need to show all aspects of dairy farming, including the violent insemination of female cows on what the dairy industry itself refers to as a "rape rack."
Cows produce milk to feed their babies, but their young are torn away from them soon after birth so that human beings can use their milk instead. A mother cow will bellow for her calf for days after the baby is taken from her.

Perhaps you could add these sounds to your game in order to remind players that by drinking milk, people support an industry that separates mothers from their babies."

While we see their point, we're not sure they'll be getting such a swift and positive response from Nintendo. [Peta via Twitter]

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