Pilots Cheating on Language Exams Could Cause a Catastrophe

By Gary Cutlack on at

The poor English of some pilots has been highlighted by the Civil Aviation Authority, which says that there's evidence pointing to overseas fliers cheating on their English exams in order to land jobs shuttling our pale bodies to and from the cheaper parts of Europe.

The CAA quotes a couple of absolutely horrifying findings in its report, including the hilarious misunderstanding when a pilot failed to understand the difference between left and right in UK airspace, and an incident where miscommunication led to a plane taxiing out onto the runway without being given permission.

Both of which could've led to scheduled TV programmes being interrupted and fire stations from three counties being involved in the response, as the CAA explained that: "Several MOR (mandatory occurrence reports) that reported language-related miscommunication had the potential to develop into serious incidents or accidents."

A total of 267 incidents involving language problems were found in the report the CAA had compiled, causing the authority to suspect that some pilots and controllers must have been cheating in their compulsory Level 4 English qualification tests. [Sky News]