Postman Banned From Street Over Water Pistol Standoff

By Gary Cutlack on at

It must be a bit stressful being a postman these days, what with the job now being all about carrying Amazon packages up four flights of stairs to the unresponsive man in flat 17h who never comes to the door in case he misses something happening on the internet, but even so. This is a bit much.

It's the case of a Mid Glamorgan postie, who was filmed, unfortunately for him, getting into a furious rage with a bunch of five-year-olds who started shooting at him. Shooting at him with water pistols on what appears to be a sunny day. The CCTV footage captured the standoff, in which brave child Cody Harvey approached the van several times and let off several 9-millilitre rounds of local tap water through the open van door.

The boy's mum says it all got a bit tetchy when the postman called her kid a "fucking bastard" and took the weapon off him, throwing it into the back of the van and driving off. It's what Leo Baxendale would have wanted.

But it wasn't what any parent wants to see, as mum Leanne Jeremiah said: "The postman grabbed my little one's arm and snatched the gun. Then my little boy must have said, 'Squirt him,' or something, just messing around. He grabbed his arm and swore at him and called him a 'fucking bastard' and then ripped the gun out of his hands."

The weapon was later found dumped in a bin. The postman has now been banned from delivering to this particular street. [YouTube, via Telegraph]

Image credit: YouTube

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