Scientists Are Marching In London This Saturday

By James O Malley on at

If you see a protest taking place in London this Saturday, then you're probably more likely to see white lab coats than black balaclavas, and copies of National Geographic rather than Socialist Worker, as this time it is the scientists who are on the march.

The "March For Science" isn't directly protesting Brexit, or Donald Trump - though those two seismic events are surely a big part of the cosmic background radiation that has inspired the protest. Instead, the organisers say that they want to "recognise scientific progress, raise awareness of scientific discovery, and defend scientific integrity."

"At a time when fake news is rife and independent experts face challenges in getting their message heard, the March for Science is a celebration of the vital role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world", the press release says, adding that "The March for Science champions science and the cross-border collaborations that are vital in enabling progress."

"Why am I marching? Because in this day and age it isn't OK that leading officials can simply reject evidence-based science such as climate change or child immunisation, leaving the public powerless to change these decisions." says Dr Suze Kundu, a Materials Chemist at the University of Surrey and Science Communicator.

The UK march is kicking off at the Science Museum (of course!) at 11am and from there they plan to March via Piccadilly to Parliament Square, where a number of scientists and science-enthusiasts will speak. This includes the comedian and broadcaster Robin Ince, Large Hadron Collider physicist Jon Butterworth and author & science journalist Angela Saini. They will be also holding a minute of silence at 2:40pm as the march will coincide with the one-month anniversary of the Westminster attack.

You can find out more on the Science March website.