Scottish MP's Accent Is Too Incomprehensible For Parliament

By James O Malley on at

Scotland might have thought it was getting ignored when it came to the Brexit negotiations - but perhaps it is just because English MPs can't understand what the Scots are saying?

According to the Telegraph Kilmarnock MP Alan Brown has revealed that his accent is so thick that his contributions made in Parliament have to "translated" when written down for Hansard, the official Parliamentary record.

The Telegraph quotes him describing what happens, saying "It first became really clear to me not just when it was ministers looking to respond, but it became a running joke with my colleagues that even if I asked a two-line question Hansard would send me a note asking me to confirm what I said."

He has also noticed that he'll spot other MPs - such as Brexit secretary David Davis - leaning closer to the speakers built into the green Commons benches, whenever he gets up to speak. Apparently disgraced former Defence Secretary, and current Minister for International Trade Liam Fox, a fellow Scot, even has difficulty understanding him.

Here's a clip of him speaking, so you can judge for yourself: