Side of a Factory Nearly Ready to Welcome Brave Climbers

By Gary Cutlack on at

This terrifying image is not the latest Instagram effort of some random thrillseekers -- it's a safe and officially recognised external climbing wall that's been stuck on the side of a grain silo in Leeds, and you can climb up it if you have well controlled bowels and those special strong fingers.

It's been assembled by the ROKT climbing centre in Brighouse, which is calling this one the Roktface. Climbers face climbs of up to 118 feet, made all the more worrying by the grim brutalist rendering of the lump they're climbing up. The view from the top ought to be nice, though, as the makers promise views of 20 miles of Yorkshire await successful climbers.

2,750 holes were drilled into the exterior of the building to attach the grip things, with expert climbers able to tackle it for themselves for £15. People without climbing experience will need a training session first, and that'll start at £30. It opens for business in May. [Roktface via BBC]

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