Singing Clock Will Welcome People to Birmingham

By Gary Cutlack on at

Birmingham's doing some art, and it's quite a big and expensive one. It's a £2m singing clock, one that combines thousands of voice samples to create a unique sound for each time of day.

Here's what it's about and why it's art:

The clock will stand as a monument to time: past, present and future. It will comprise of twelve digits like any clock but each of the digits will represent a tone from the twelve tones of the musical scales. The sounds of ‘Station Clock’ will be made by the population of Birmingham and be produced in collaboration with the Birmingham Conservatoire. The tones will sound very low overnight and will be fuller sounding during the day, culminating in a large chorus at noon.

The artist Susan Philipsz explained her idea in real person talk with: "The city has so much diversity so I like the idea of using lots of different types of voices. I want a lot of different textures of voices, male and female, old and young," although she added that " haven’t really started yet so I’m only imagining what voices we might get."

The clock was chosen ahead of some other concepts put together by artists, one of which in particular sounded amazing and involved a machine slowly moving across the city's Eastside City Park over the course of 10 years, to be called Industrial Revolution. [Guardian]

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