Someone Else Wants to Redo the ZX Spectrum

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another week, another go at reinventing the ZX Spectrum, with a new reworking up on Kickstarter and already through its funding target thanks to looking practically finished, particularly amazing and ready to roll out of the factory.

This is the ZX Spectrum Next, which is being pitched as an entirely new form of personal computer that just so happens to be completely compatible with the original home machine. The headline news is that industrial designer Rick Dickinson is behind the outward appearance of the machine, and he's a former employee of  Sinclair Research Ltd and therefore the designer of the cases of the ZX80 and ZX81, and both machines' bonkers keyboards.

As for the hardware inside, the team already has a functional prototype and is promising support for tape loading, CRT output as well as HDMI, and the option to add a Raspberry Pi Zero as a slave co-accelerator board, whatever that may mean. And best of all, the Spectrum Next board fits inside the old cases (with a bit of drilling), so you can have the new machine in the classic box.

And it's real and works and should be out in mainboard-only form this year, followed by a boxed product version next January. [ZX Spectrum Next]

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