Spotify Now Gives Students A Free Subscription To A Mental Health App

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've got a Spotify Premium For Students subscription, you now get a freebie: a subscription to meditation, mindfulness and happiness app Headspace.

Although it's not particularly well publicised, the Spotify student subscription launched back in 2012 and gives half-price access to the ad-free Premium tier. It's also launching in 33 new countries today, in addition to the UK, US and Germany where it's already available.

Helping students with their mental health is a great idea – we all remember how stressful it can be living on noodles at dissertation time – and Headspace is a well-respected way to do that. It didn't exist back when us oldsters were at uni but it's still pretty handy for calming the F down when there are general elections flying around.

Spotify also took a look at students' listening habits as part of the launch, and the results made us feel even older. Who knew some of these even existed?

1. Pop
2. Dance Pop
3. Pop Rap
4. Rap
5. Southern Hip Hop
6. Hip Hop
7. Trap Music
8. Dwn Trap
9. Post-Teen Pop
10. Gangster Rap

Enjoy your free meditation, young'uns. You're going to need it if you keep falling into all those traps.

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