Startup Tests Car-Charging Lamp Posts in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new business in London has the dream of adding electric car chargers to many of the city's lamp posts, meaning that even the people who live in the converted loft up on the fourth floor that doesn't even have any windows (£1,450pm, shared bathroom) can manage to charge their contract hire BMW i3s while they sleep. is asking potential users to badger their local councils to see if they'd like to get the chargers installed too, with the company promising local councils that the installation cost is paid for by an OLEV grant and then leased back, so, technically, there's not much in the way of barriers to turning every residential street's lighting post into a 7.7kWh charger.

Surely there will soon be rules about not dangling cables all over the pavements though. Can't have trip hazards criss-crossing the nation, can we? [ via TechCrunch]

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