Stickers on F1 Cars to Make Britain GREAT Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's come up with an idea on how to get all those troublesome world economies to cut us some favourable trade deals and to keep people coming here on holiday to see the buses -- putting stickers on cars.

Not just any old cars, mind, but the McLaren-Honda MCL32, or this season's pointiest, fastest F1 car from our home grown racing team. The decals are to promote a thing the government has created called GREAT Britain, some sort of banner initiative to get the phrase "Innovation is GREAT" into the sub consciousnesses of the trade negotiators who'll decide how much duty we'll have to pay on things from 2019 onwards.

The branding will feature on each car in ever race of the F1 calendar, with trade and industry minister Liam Fox saying: "I am delighted that McLaren, a pioneer of innovation, has partnered with the GREAT Britain campaign for 2017, to inspire and encourage more visitors, businesses and academics to the UK. McLaren is a good example of a cutting-edge technology company drawing upon the UK’s technology expertise to attract the best world-class talent and bring audiences from across the globe to major sporting events."

The government has dreamed up some numbers that say the GREAT Britain campaign has added £2.7bn of "benefit" to the UK economy. [GOV]

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