Students Manage Not to Destroy Nice Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

An amazing tale has emerged of students being careful and respectful of something, with the group managing to look after and conserve an important piece of British musical history.

It is a BTR-3 tape machine, one of the devices used only by Abbey Road studios to record the anthemic output of the pop stars of old. It was found in the posession of Surge Radio, a radio station run by the students of Southampton University Students Union, who managed over the years not to trade it in for video games or leave it outside to rust. Probably because it was too heavy and they didn't know what it was and it can't get on the internet, but still.

It's in great condition and joins the only three other BTR-3 machines known to exist.

Mirek Stiles from Abbey Road Studios said: "When Toby from Surge Radio told me he had discovered a BTR-3 I had to contain my excitement, just in case it wasn’t the genuine article. Upon visiting Surge Radio not only was the machine indeed a BTR-3 but also in very good condition. You can't underestimate how rare these early examples of tape machines are." [Abbey Road Studios]

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