The Best Gadgets to Make Your Spring Clean Easier Than Ever

By Tom Pritchard on at

As if the calendar hadn't already informed you, the weather is a dead giveaway that the days of winter are long over. It's spring time, and with it comes all the usual springy things. Rain, hayfever, blossoming plants, overpriced chocolate eggs, cheaper post-Easter chocolate eggs, and, of course, spring cleaning. It's a pain but somebody has to do it, and with this selection of tech it's not going to be a huge chore.

Viledia Robot Vacuum, £95

Everyone's heard of the robot vacuum thanks to the likes of Roomba, and they've been around long enough that they're not obscenely priced. Not quite as cheap as your Tesco Value hoover, but less than what Dyson has to offer. This one from Viledia is rather basic, but do you need a hi-tech vacuum cleaner? I mean, really? It cleans the room by itself, which is all you really need to ask for. There are three settings based on the size of the room in question, sensors that help it navigate around objects (and avoid any unwanted trips down the stairs), with an 80 minute battery life. Like all good vacuums it works on carpets and hard floors. [Buy it here]

If you fancy steam mopping those hard floors, and don't want a robot to do that for you, you can also bundle the Viledia vacuum with the company's steam mop for an extra £45.

Ecovacs Deebot N78, £200

If you want a robot capable of doing both jobs, then this bot might be for you. It has a built in water tank for mopping the floor, though you will need to wait for the floor to dry before you go wandering around. You should know that, though, it's the kind of behaviour that your parents would slap you for! It has three regular cleaning modes (auto, spot, and edge) depending on what you need doing, automatic charging and scheduling features, object and stair detection, and hoovering mechanisms optimised for pet hair. [Buy it here]

Winbot W930, £270

Window cleaning is that one chore nobody wants to do, and doesn't really get done unless there's something dirtying them up. Thankfully the robots are here to put your mind (and elbows) as ease. It has a vacuum suction mechanism that stops it from falling off, and works with framed and frameless windows of any thickness. It's pricey, but it's a small price to pay - especially when upstairs windows are concerned. [Buy it here]

UV-C Sanitising wand, £50

If you're paranoid about germs and other nasty microscopic things, there's no need to spend a fortune on disinfectant and other specialised killers. A UV wand can do the trick, claiming to deal with 99.9% of nasty things living beyond the reaches of the human eye. This one works on bacteria, mould, dust mites, and more. Just keep it away from your skin, or any pets that might be around. Oh and this isn't an excuse for you to never actually clean anything. It doesn't work like that. [Buy it here]

Vax VRS5W Carpet Washer, £47

Sometimes vacuuming the carpet isn't enough. You need to give them a proper clean, and doing that by hand is going to take more time than most people actually have. Thankfully carpet cleaning technology isn't new, nor is it particularly expensive. There's nothing overly special about it, but it does get the job done - regardless of how big your rooms are. It comes bundled with a 2.1 litre tank for storing clean water, a 1.7 litre tank for the dirty leftovers, and a 24cm nozzle to help you get through everything quickly. [Buy it here]

UV Toothbrush Steriliser, £18

Now everyone knows that the toothbrush is an important daily cleaning tool, but have you ever considered how much dirtier it gets with each use? Washing it after you're done should be standard, but that might not be enough given how disgusting the human mouth actually is. So make sure everything attempting to call the bristles home dies a horrible death with this UV cleaner. It holds two toothbrushes at any given time, supports electric toothbrush heads, and cleans the standard amount of 99.9% of microbial nasties. [Buy it here]

Loogun, £40

If you're like me, your relationship with the toilet brush is a love/hate situation. You need to clean the loo, but it feels a bit nasty to keep a brush for that specific job. I'm not the only one who thinks along those lines, as the Loogun shows. It's designed to replace the toilet brush, by using jets of water that cleans above and below the line. It's handheld, battery powered, and never actually touches the toilet. Sure there are other alternatives that do the same thing, like a really long shower hose, but if you want a dedicated device for toilet cleaning that isn't going to break the bank, this might be worth a shot. [Buy it here]

Though if you still can't give up the toilet brush just yet, you can always opt for this self-cleaning toilet brush. Just push it down into the basestation, and the brush will be cleaned and sanitised ready for the next time it's needed. [Buy it here]

Sonic Scrubber Pro, £19

So you need to clean, but scrubbing all day doesn't sound too appealing. Thankfully technology has advanced to a critical stage that lets you avoid all that castle. Think of the Sonic Scrubber Pro as a giant electric toothbrush, but instead of cleaning your teeth, it's cleaning literally everything else in your house. Just get the water, soap, and fire this baby up. Your joints will thank you, I'm sure. [Buy it here]

Dyson V6 Mattress, £270

If you're not into these fancy robot vacuum cleaners, but still feel like you need some hi-tech convenience, might I suggest the Dyson V6 Mattress handheld vacuum cleaner? It's got that famous Dyson vacuum technology, a single button to empty the tank directly into the bin, built-in filters to remove allergens from the air it takes in, a 20 minute battery life, and a 'boost' mode that increases suction on those hard-to-clean areas. If you need a cord-free experience, with something less unwieldy than a normal vacuum cleaner, this might be the one for you. [Buy it here]

Mocoro Robotic Microfibre Cleaning Ball, £69

This advertises itself as a vacuum cleaner, but I see no vacuum technology in there. That said it looks quite interesting, since it's a little robot that rolls around your house using a microfibre coat to pick up dirt and debris. It's basically a robotic duster, capable of hitting those things that a robot vacuum can't get to. The best part? The microfibre coat comes off and can be washed like a regular duster. It's powered by three AA batteries, and rolls around every 15 minutes for up to three hours. [Buy it here]

Other bits

There are plenty of smaller jobs that need doing, especially when it comes to your own workspaces and gadgets. So make sure you have what you need to clean them up, including this keyboard putty (which I found was also very useful for any detailed figures you might have on display), microfibre cloths for screen cleaning, and a mini Henry Hoover to vacuum up your desk.

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